Browse Month: April 2016

Tech Interviewing Decoded – A Day at Google

I haven’t been in many technical interviews, so when I got an email from Google asking if I’d like to sign up for a seminar they were hosting about tech interviews, I jumped at the chance!

The email was sent out to all CS and Engineering students at a few different Bay Area schools. Out of all respondents, they chose about 200 students to take part in the seminar. I was lucky enough to be one of them.

On a Friday morning, I drove out to the new Google campus – Tech Corners in Sunnyvale. There was a surprising amount of “Expectant Mother Parking”, but I was able to find a spot. There were six, brand new, shiny buildings on the campus, each with their respective number emblazoned on the side.

I walked to the meeting building where they allowed us all to register and gave us a lanyard with a nifty name tag.

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