• RCC – The Remote C Compiler
    RCC is a tool that allows you to harness the power of a development machine to compile large programs while abstracting away all the difficulty.
  • NanosG20
    This is an SoC from Ledato that runs on an ARM AT91SAM9G20 microprocessor. In this repository, I show how to build a rootfs for the Nanos – including the Kernel and all basic coreutils – using a device tree source file and the latest Kernel.
  • YouTube¬†to MP3 Tool
    This is a little wrapper I made for the incredible youtube-dl Python tool. It also allows you to add mp3 metadata so your output file can be easily incorporated into your music library.
  • Project Euler
    These are my solutions to Project Euler problems. Once I’ve solved a problem, I try to implement the solution in different languages I know. If you’re interested, I also use the perf Linux utility to measure the compare the performance of my algorithms in the different languages. The perf outputs can be found in the “Performance Comparisons” folder.